Advanced Testing Facilities

To guarantee performance to both customer and manufacturer specifications, every Cameron design is fully tested for aerodynamic and mechanical performance by highly skilled technicians before leaving the factory.

Together, our testing facilities in Buffalo, NY USA; Gaomi, China; and Milan, Italy have the following capabilities:

  • Variable speed drives to simulate actual operating speed requirements of the ASME PTC-10 Type 2 test
  • Package testing of machines exceeding 8,200 kW (11,000 hp)
  • Computer controlled cooling towers are used to simulate coolant conditions
  • Recirculation coolers are available for closed-loop testing

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Testing Capability

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Testing for Process Gas Compressors

Closed-loop testing with a simulated mole weight gas mixture is standard for process gas compressors. Nitrogen/helium mixtures are used for fuel and lower mole weight gas compressors, and CO2/nitrogen mixtures are used for higher mole weight compressors.

Test Center Computerized Control Room

Our test center control room provides computer control of cooling water, input speed and lubricating oil supply.

  • Aerodynamic testing through use of finely calibrated pressure and temperature instruments
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Vibration frequency analysis
  • 110% overspeed

Testing Observation and Documentation

Test observation and performance data are available upon request.

  • Documentation can be provided for full operating tests to identify capacity, pressure, temperature and horsepower
  • Vibration data for both steady state and coast down operation are recorded to verify rotor critical speed and response