As plant processes change, so do compressed air requirements. That is why we offer a variety of aerodynamic modifications and upgrades that will adjust your existing compressor’s performance to meet your current compressed air demand.

Variable Inlet Guide Vanes

Our advanced Inlet Guide Vanes (IGVs) help in reducing the work input and offering power savings of up to 9% to your compression system.

IGVs adjust the inlet air flow trajectory to match the same rotational direction as the first stage impeller and diffuser blades. The adjusted airflow requires the compressor to perform less work to deliver the rated air flow and pressure when the ambient temperature is below design day conditions.

Aerodynamic Enhancements

We understand that  requirements for pressure and flow can change based on current needs. That is why our compressors are designed with easily changeable aero components that can completely rerate your compressor to accommodate new process requirements, saving you money on having to buy a new compressor.

Enhancements including:

  • Impellers — Custom designed five-aixs impellers for maximum efficiency
  • Inlets — Custom inlets contoured to match new impeller design
  • Diffusers — Custom low solidity diffuser to match the new impeller design
  • Scrolls — Ability to increase or decrease sizes for different flow requirements
  • Intercoolers — Existing intercoolers may be upgraded to reduce pressure drops and refine approach temperatures

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